Anyone who has taken the Beginning Rider Course or the Experienced Rider Course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) will attest to the quality of these programs. There is simply no better nor safer way to learn to ride a motorcycle, and it's a lot of fun to boot. Rider training is the cheapest form of insurance there is. Visit the Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors page if you don't believe it!

Many state DMV's endorse MSF and will even accept graduation from an MSF course in lieu of the DMV practical motorcycle test. Beginning 8/96, New York State began a pilot program to do the same. Trama's Auto School is one of those included in the DMV's study group. Many insurance companies will offer discounts of 10% to MSF graduates, providing the course is taken every two years.

If you are a rider who has been out of the sport for a while but would like a refresher course, MSF also offers an excellent, one-day Experienced Rider Course (ERC). Many insurance companies which offer premium discounts for rider training will require you to take this course every two years or so. Anyone contemplating riding in NYC would be nuts not to take it.

MSF classes are taught by trained volunteers, all MRC/RSS and MSF Instructor graduates. You will learn safe, efficient techniques for shifting, turning, cornering, braking, swerving and emergency avoidance as well as the basics of motorcycle dynamics.

There are two MSF schools in New York City.

The oldest is Trama's AutoSchool in Queens. The beginning rider's course is seven hours of classroom and thirteen hours of riding instruction at MSF's riding range. The school will supply the motorcycles, helmets, work books and course materials. The cost ranges from $300 to $370. Trama's classes run Fri/Sat/Sun, Sat/Sun/Sat and Wed/Thu/Fri, 8:30am-5/6pm.

Trama's Auto School
87-15 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY 11421
Tel 718-847-2015
Fax 718-847-8059

Motorcycle Safety School, the largest training site in New York State, has been featured in The New York Times, The New York Post, The Westchester Journal and profiled on the WB Morning Show and Channel 7 EyeWitness News. The 2 day MSF course is offered 6 days a week and costs $375. MSS also offers private lessons, scooter school, experienced rider courses and dirtbike school for children. For more information and online registration, please visit

Motorcycle Safety School
809 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel 718-599-1079
Fax 718-218-9023

Students are required to bring their own long-fingered gloves, boots, jacket and long pants.

If you have any questions about MSF, post them to the list. There are several MSF-certified motorcycling instructors who subscribe to NYC-Moto.

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